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However this leads to a conversation that I’d like to have here. I’m working on a love and relationships site in regards to African Americans who lead alternative lifestyles (no this is does NOT mean just “gay people”), and there is something to be said here. I’ve been (and have told) in group sex situations (some successful, some not) and whereas I have always been the one to be fine with the “clean up” mentioned in this video, others haven’t been so fortunate. So I come to you all to discuss your dealings with opening up the invitation to a third individual coming into your intimate space with you and your partner. Would you? Why or why not? If you have, share with us the pros and cons.

We’d love to hear from you and there’s no judgements here!


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  1. K

    Interesting topic…not something I am interested in, though. I’m selfish–but to each their own. I guess–no judgement, though!


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